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My name is John Bowman and I founded BHG Coaching to help aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs take their ideas and startups to the next level. 

As an ICF-credentialed business start-up coach, I bring years of entrepreneurial, business, and coaching experience to help my clients gain clarity, develop specific goals and measures of success, and take concrete action to make their personal entrepreneurial vision a reality. My number one priority at all times is the success of my clients!

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Who I Work With

My clients include aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs, founders, solopreneurs, and freelancers, in industries ranging from software development to consumer products, from fitness to graphic design.

At some point, every entrepreneur and businessperson finds themselves in a situation where they are having trouble taking things to the next level. Coaching can be invaluable to the process, whether it's a business idea you can't stop thinking about, a problem you're obsessed about solving, or you're already building a startup company to bring your innovative or unique solution to the world. 

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My Background

In 2002, I moved from Canada to the Netherlands to pursue an International MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management. It was there that I first experienced the power of coaching and developed my taste for entrepreneurship. Everything I've done since has involved these two passions.

My first start-up was a chain of socially-responsible coffee houses. It was followed by forays into hospitality, nutritional supplements, event security, fitness, online courses, and graphic design, just to name a few. I've had my ups and downs, and have taken breaks to work for other organizations, but now as a coach, I am once again a full-time entrepreneur. 

My road to coaching has also been long. As a business owner, manager, and leader, I have had to hone my coaching skills through deliberate practice and with ongoing training and development. I am committed to becoming a better and better coach. It's the only way I can help other entrepreneurs, whether aspiring or established. Your success is my success!


One final note, I believe that coaching is about changing your world by changing yourself. It is the key to achieving your goals and becoming the best version of yourself. That philosophy applies to me as much as to my clients.  

Education & Credentials

  • INTERNATIONAL COACHING FEDERATION - Associate Certified Coach (2021)

  • FLOW COACHING INSTITUTE - Flow Certified Professional Coach (2021)

  • CERTIFIED COACHES FEDERATION - Certified Coach Practitioner (2019)

  • ROTTERDAM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT International MBA Program (2004)

  • UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Master of Science (MSc), Molecular and Medical Genetics (2001)

  • UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Bachelor of Science (BSc), Honours Biology (1998)

Other Things I Like

working out, coffee, red wine, new foods, tattoos, graphic design, art, brunch

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