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Launching and growing a startup involves long series of both business and personal challenges. The personal challenges a founder faces often include: 

  • mindset, confidence, and self-esteem

  • self-management, productivity, and balance

  • transitioning through evolving roles and responsibilities

  • maintaining identity, values, and passion

  • stakeholder management challenges

Business incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurship programs, and mentorship offer significant support for the business challenges faced by entrepreneurs and founders. However, very few resources are available to help with the personal aspects of becoming a happy and successful entrepreneur.   

Are you a startup founder or entrepreneur? 

How can BHG Coaching help?

We develop tools and work one-on-one with entrepreneurs and founders to help them tackle the challenges of launching and growing their businesses. Coaching is a collaborative process focused on achieving your goals and overcoming challenges using the skills, strengths, and resources at your disposal; coaching is about gaining clarity, developing specific measures of success, and staying accountable to make your vision a reality.

Learn more about coaching on this page or Book a Strategy Session and talk to someone about your goals. 

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